A few people have asked me if there will be deaths in STASIS. The answer is a very definiate yes!

LUCASARTS games avoideded death in their games, as they felt that it hindered the gamer from exploring the world. Sierra had a different approach….death was fun! I fondly remember saving before certain deaths just so that I could watch them again. Seeing Roger Wilco’s head explode, or face melt off in acid…why, thats just awesome!


In a game like STASIS, where danger lurks at every corner, I think that to not have deaths in the game would be a mistake. And when you have deaths, they should be spectacular! They should be fun, gory, and make you want to re-watch them a few times.

I have a long list of ways to die in the game-a list that includes being ripped apart by active sentry guns, getting freeze dried in liquid nitrogen, melted by heated metal plates, surgical dismemberment, getting crushed by faulty doors, and one of my favorites, having your spine fused together and starving to death because of a faulty injection.


Now with deaths in adventure games, I think that they should be avoidable. I don’t believe in the ‘open the door into a pit of spikes’ approach to death. Just like in reality, if you are aware of your environment you should be able to avoid death. If you cant play through a game without dying, I feel that there is a problem with the design.

But with deaths like this, how can you resist walking infront of that gun…you know…just to see what happens? 😀




  • gikkio

    I agree this kind of game the character has to perceive the danger.
    You are doing a wonderful job! i always follow you!

  • Chris

    Thanks gikkio! I have some really…interesting deaths for our hero. 😀

  • Rob

    One of the things I’ve heard from the ex-Sierra guys doing Kickstarters is they recognise death can be a big player deterrent if you have to replay long sections (“WHAT saved game?”). I think it’s important to have an autosave very close to the point of death, or better (since it’s unclear how autosave handles backtracking), a “retry” feature which is like an intelligent autosave/undo triggered upon doing something stupid.

  • Chris

    STASIS has quite a robust Autosave feature, which stops most backtracking. At most, you’ll lose out on 1 room. Also, the game is riddled with death-so you could very easily go through the entire game and not die. 😉