Bits and pieces

I don’t want to give away to much about the environments in STASIS…but here is a little slice of what I’ve been busy with.


  • random1

    Is that an IronMan space suit? :]

    One thing I had in mind to comment for a while, but always keep forgetting, is about the in-game brightness.
    Will there be a gama option in the game video settings?
    I understand the use of the low luminance in the areas because of the game setting/environment/mood, but for me it’s a little bit too dark.
    It makes it difficult for me to see the game area, which will likely make me miss details needed for the gameplay, as well as not being able to enjoy the great artwork of the game itself.

  • Chris

    The suit is based off of one of those old deep sea diving suits. Difficult to see without the helmet up (there are a few scenes that take place in a vacuum, so you will see the helmet unfold over his head. The central ‘iron man glow’ is from the torches that the divers would have strapped to their chests. 😉

    I’ve mailed the game engine guys and asked about the brightness setting… I’m sure it can be added. 😉