The Music Of Stasis

Here are two tracks I’ve completes for STASIS.

I’ve tried to ‘mimic’ the feel of the Sound Tracks of awesome 80’s sci-fi movies, specifically referencing ALIENS (which is my favorite movie of all time. 😀 )

These tracks will be played VERY faintly in the background, with some of them coming more to the foreground when needed. I’m still doing tests with having there be ‘constantly’ music in the backgrounds, vs ambient noise, with music sporadically throughout the game. I’m thinking the latter is a better idea…

Let me know what you think…


Airlock To The Scanner


The Ghost Ship



  • David

    of the two tracks, I enjoyed Airlock to the Scanner a bit more. The sustained string notes , and there’s a sense a tension that works well, especially as things start to swell and build later on.
    I thought Airlock to the Scanner sounded much more authentic, sound-wise, than The Ghost Ship – the strings toward the end are awesome! reminds me of Arvo Part, while still being creepy. The Ghost Ship ultimately came off to me more like a track from a typical horror movie and not a scifi-horror movie – My suggestion would be to allow more empty space in the track to let the dread and unease seep in, to create more contrast between loud and soft.

    Watching the clip you posted demonstrating interaction with the inventory, I was struck by how powerful silence, and subtle ambient sound, can be. I thought that scene worked extremely well, and it got me pumped to play the game. That said, though, I think you’ve done some great work with the music and I look forward to seeing how it will be incorporated.

  • David Edwards

    agreed, i like the first one more, it holds more suspense. But i still feel dropping the sound track all together in favor of ambient sounds is much better and more effective. Ie; having distant sounds, such as a machine turning on or a hatch mysteriously closing. Silent hill was a great example of putting silence to good use, in my opinion silent hill was one of the greatest horror games to date and was very successful in making you afraid. If you do use the sound tracks, consider using them sparingly, ie; only when a key event is triggered maybe.

    Keep up the fantastic work, i’m very inspired by what you’re doing 🙂

    (everlite – cgtalk)

  • Chris B

    Thanks David(s?),

    Yeah-I agree that the music must be only at certain times. When Im doing the games sound design, I usually record me playing the game for a few minutes, and load up SONY VEGAS, and drop in random sounds. Ill do a post about it when I get a chance, but its a really quick way of setting the mood of a scene.
    I find that without the backtrack, the game feels empty, but in a good way.

    The music will definitely only be in certain areas, to highlight whats happening at that moment.