Remote Terminal Interface


Very productive weekend when it comes to STASIS! While the functionality of the puzzles for the first part of the game has been in place for a while, the rest of the interactivity hasnt been put in.

These are the things that really ‘flesh out’ adventure games for me. Reading what happens when an object is looked at, or interacted with. Things that go beyond the critical path, as well as giving the player clues about what to do next.

I have also added another tool to the captains arsenal of salvaging equipment. In addition to his goggles, which give him different ways of viewing objects, he has access to a REMOTE TERMINAL INTERFACE. What this is, is a portable computer pad which allows Hawking (the captains trusty ship) to interface with any terminal that has an open port.

Scanning a computer terminal will let you know if a port is open, and that Hawking can access it. He will automatically break through any security firewalls in place, and allow you to access terminal commands directly from your RTI.

Using the RTI is the same as any other item. You drag it from your inventory over the computer terminal. This is in going with my need to keep the interface completely clean, and not add in any extra commands that I don’t need to add.

Interacting with the RTI is very simple, and works just like a dialog tree (in fact, its using a modified version of Visionaires dialog engine).

The greyed out background still animates and moves when the RTI is active, which I feel is important in keeping the game ‘flowing’.



Scanning objects will get you a voice feedback from Hawking, who is interfaced directly with most of the captains equipment. Think JARVIS from Iron Man, only with less sarcasm. Scanning an item will sometimes illicit a response directly from Hawking as to what the object is, or sometimes will cause the captain to ask Hawking a question about the object/area he is scanning.

Interestingly, after much playing around in Audacity, and FL Studio, I finally got to the perfect Hawking voice. Then I played CRYSIS 2 this weekend…and the CRYSIS Suit Voice is strikingly similar! Must be general good taste. 😉 The next video will have Hawkings voice, so you guys can judge for yourself. But yeah..its pretty awesome to hear him talk!


  • David Edwards

    lol, i guess nobody finds a remote terminal interface cool 🙂 i’m sure it will be. Sounds an interesting idea, and seems interesting how you can use the goggles to see through things, that could open up a lot of opportunities for puzzles etc.

  • random1

    I really like the idea of having a sidekick with a personality(think of sam & max, broken sword, or a game with a futuristic setting as well: BASS).

    But I’m not fond of the “automatically break through any security firewalls” idea. Things don’t really work that way.
    Unless you’re talking on systems replaced 5-10 years ago whose known security flaws were no longer fixed — this would imply an abandoned Groomlake ship for > 5 years. Is this the case?
    However with encryption it’s a whole different story. Closed source software may have backdoors (imposed by government), but open source crypto is as unbreakable as the math that supports it.

    Captain Maracheck could find some security credentials to log in to most sections somewhere in the ship (maybe a key card on a dead body).
    The higher security credentials (to log in or decrypt some secret file) could be obtained through puzzles like, something written in the back of a photo, name of the wife or daughter, the way some personal notes were written (like the chalkboard puzzle in Sanitarium).
    Why the red and green buttons? The interface must either be a touchpad or have a physical keyboard ;p
    I guess this type of “find the password” puzzles could be done 2 or 3 times, more than that would probably be overkill.

    Maybe I’m being picky about these technical details, but I think they would just enrich the game (think of nmap being used in The Matrix movie).

    On another note, those locations look awesome! :]

  • Chris

    Im sorry for taking so long to reply guys! Our company went to its first conference this past week, so things have been a little crazy for me! I should be back to development this weekend, so will have more cool shit to show in the coming days. I have a nice blog post thats more ‘game design’ related, on the importance of designing reuseable systems in a game, to ensure you keep your sanity!
    Keep posted! 😀

    David, they may not comment about the coolness…but at least they arent commenting and saying its shit. 😀

    Random, thanks for the lengthy reply! The sidekick isnt so much another ‘in game’ character, but, being a rather large spaceship, is more a voice of comfort and companionship for the captain. He really does love that damned ship… 😀

    The Groomlake has been abandoned for quite a few years, and has systems onboard that are quite dated. If you look at a large battleship. most of the tech on them is quite a few years behind. Hell, some aircraft carriers in service today still have bullet marks from World War 2.
    The autohacking is there because I honestly HATE hacking mini-games. The parts in Mass Effect 1/2, or Deadspace 2 where I had to do the hacking mini games just completely sucked for me. They are repetative, boring, and while I understand WHY they are there, I just really dont like them at all.
    Even in Bioshock, I found myself longing for the AUTO HACK tools to get past the hacking sequences.

    As a side story note, The Groomlake has been adandoned for 7 years…

    The autohack will only work on lower level computer systems, and only systems that have ports that have been left open, and are vulnerable to the hacking. The hacking isnt there to open up doors, or as a ‘shortcut’ to story specific elements, but more as a way of getting through low level systems like Data Pads, and personal diary logs-things that I think WOULD have some sort of password protection, but not things that I want to ‘waste’ the players time by a hacking minigame to get to.

    The Red and Green buttons were for the ORIGINAL design of the RTI, when it was the XRay Scanning device. 😀 They will be altered to buttons that switch to different functions, and will more than likely loose their colours.

    Pickyness about technical details is awesome! I love that you are actually taking the time out of your day to be picky about the random shit I dream up. 😀