Camp 731

Camp 731 is an area of the game that I have been working on quite extensively. Im not going to tell you guys just HOW it fits into the story-but it is there to provide an emotional anchor to the story-something I was getting worried that the game was lacking.

STASIS is so much more than just a -sci fi space ship’ game-I really cant wait for you guys to play it!


“I didn’t realise they were people until one spoke to me. All he said was ‘kill me’. So I did.”

-John Maracheck. 27 January. Camp 731 Liberation Squad.

  • David Edwards

    Really nice to see something different. I think this will really help to break up the game a little and will be a surprise change of environment for the player. Be sure to not add it too early 🙂

    The grass looks a little repeated, maybe try to break it up a little. But otherwise everything looks interesting 🙂

    I’m curious, how will you deal with the lighting change? by that i mean, clearly there’s a strong directional light in this scene that wouldn’t work for the character in the ship environment. So will you be rendering a completely separate character for different lighting environments?

  • Chris

    Thanks Dave. These different environments will fit quite seamlessly into the environment, and are spaced throughout the game to ensure that the cold ‘steel’ of the ship doesnt get to overwhelming!

    Lighting wise, I have put the current character in the scene as a test, and he works pretty well. Visionaire uses a light map that is essentially a ‘multiply’ blend map over the scene to tint the characters. Now you are correct that the lighting is very direct, but when lighting the character, I tried to keep his light ‘ambient enough’ that he would look cool in most lighting situations.

    For these specific scenes tho, Ill be re-rendering him because of a costume change, so may increase his directional light a little..not to much tho, because he needs to still look decent in the shadows! It really is a balancing act!

    Yeah-there is quite a bit of repetition on the grass. For these scenes in particular, I want my brother to go over them with his photoshop skillz. He does all of our post production work for our architectural images-so I know he can make these look just bad-ass!

  • Mike

    Thats looking awesome Chris! But like David says, dont have these areas at regular intervals in the ship. You *have* to slog through the dark, monotonous, grey of the ship. It *must* feel oppressive. You must get sick of it….

    And then you walk out into this “sunlit” area and it makes the shock of the change even more poignant. It would be an amazing discovery and you should make it quite revealing in terms of storyline – one of those “oh shit” moments would do really well here.

    You’ll have to balance people getting fed up with the monotony of the ship and revealing these areas too frequently – having these at regular intervals will just break up the “specialness” of it.

    If you looking for variety in the ship, why not change the styling of each area subtlety, for example there are a whole range of industrial and urban themes you could use:

    – Clinical white and stark, medical

    – Industrial rusty, inside a tanker ship

    – Engineering Bay, all pipes and machinery, yellow warning stripes on everything.

    – Neon, just like that picture you did of that street with neon signs in the rain – the ship’s entertainment area maybe. Bright magentas and cyans.

    – Corporate, slatted blinds, small office cubicles, cheap carpeted floors.

    – Hydroponics, it’s got plants and greenery, but the area isnt covered in soil and bright light. More like rows of pipes, plants and sun-glow lamps.

  • Sassan

    I can’t wait for your game. I have been waiting for a nice science fiction game with a nice story. Make it perfect 🙂

  • Chris


    Yeah-these areas really are planned for something special. I tried to make them a complete 180 from the claustrophobic levels onboard The Groomlake.
    I love the ideas for the different areas, some of which are already in the design. 😀 Some areas in the ship are running only on emergency power, but you will be able to revisit them once power has been returned to them, resulting in some quite cool plays with light.


    No preasure eh? 😀 Im definately going to make it as perfect as I can!


  • Alex

    Wow, love the idea of this so far, this will certainly provide a huge amount of contrast to the game, and from what it sounds like – a lot more depth and opportunity for character development.