I think that all artists really should take up photography. There is something hugely satisfying about composing a shot in camera, and being able to instantly see a result.

Here are a few photos I took this weekend. I know its not STASIS related, but it is art related. 😉



  • JJ

    Some bloody beautiful shots there! Where abouts were you? They look like Asian elephants…

    Also, those wasps… jesus!

  • Chris

    Thanks man. 😀
    I was in the Pilanesberg mountains. Its about a 2.5 hour drive out from Johannesburg where I stay.
    The elephants are African-but there aren’t any good shots here showing their entire heads. 😀 There was 2 herds of them that met up to drink and play. It was quite an experience. At one point, they got quite aggressive with the cars there, so they all circled their young, and stood guard around them. Unfortunately they were right in the bushes, so I couldn’t get any decent shots of that-but it was amazing to see it first hand.

    The wasp (of hornets?) photograph was taken at about 6 in the morning. They are actually ‘frozen’. The drop their body temperature and essentially go into hibernation for the night-so it was quite safe to get that close. Although about an hour after it was taken they were flying around again.

  • Mike

    Love those branches coming out the water!

  • David

    a man of many talents! truly gorgeous shots.

  • baiju parthan

    Great images… white balance seem to be off (cloudy/shade mode). Deliberate i suppose, as it adds a wonderful warmth. What is your equipment like? Nikon is my guess.

    Best .

  • Chris

    Equipment wise Im using a Canon 550D. Im only using the stock lense, but I really want to get into photography as more than a hobby-so Im looking for some decent lenses, specifically a nice wide angle, and a good fast prime!

    The reason I went with the 550D is the 24p HD recording, which is just beautiful. I have some footage from this same trip that Ill put together sometime. 😀

  • baiju parthan

    Most impressive!

    With such basic equipment you are producing wonders.

    To make a suggestion, Canon 17-40mm f/4L- most affordable L series ultra wide lens. Very sharp plus amazing depth of field. Especially worth the money if you are planning to move on to full frame sensors in the future…

  • Chris

    Thanks for the tips mate! Ill take a look at those suggestions. I suppose the real question is just WHAT I want to do with the camera! 😀