The First 5 Minutes…

First, you guys may notice that I have added a mailing list notifier. I want to build up a data base of you guys interested in STASIS, and use the mailing list to update you on important things like BETA testing, release dates, and cool exclusive videos. If there is something cool happening on STASIS, chances are if you are on the mailing list, you will be the first to know!

And here is a nice treat for you guys. The first 5 minutes of CHAPTER ONE, entitled “Daddy Please Help Us”. I have gotten some incredible feedback from the few people I have shown this to (especially Dave E, Dave B, and Mike! ), so here is your chance to mould the way a game is made. 😉




  • Roger P.

    All my money. Take it.

  • spire

    This game looks awesome! I’m happy that I found this and can’t wait until it’s released!

  • Chris

    Thanks guys!

  • Ezra

    Howzit Chris,
    Stasis is really looking awesome. Loved the ambiance in that 5 minuter 🙂 really eerie.

    Can’t wait to see the full game 😀

  • Chris B

    You guys aint seen nothing yet! I started on a sequence in the bottom labs the other day…shit gave me goosebumps.

  • Mike

    Awesome! beta beta beta beta beta beta….

  • Karl

    if it is finished, I must have it!
    I would pay for it with pleasure!

    i have never seen a game before, with this deep paralyzing scenes.
    The Music/Video and the oppressiveness its all over – it’s best!

    lg aus Austria

  • Karl

    and another thing: the idea for curser/inventory = ++++
    look like fine!

    lg Karl from Austria

  • Chris B

    Hey Karl,

    Thanks for taking the time to check the video. I have been putting a ton of effort into the interface design, so I’m glad you dig it!


  • Matt

    This looks amazing! Have you emailed the leaders at CGSociety? You should see if they’ll post this in the news for more people to see.

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait till it’s finished.

  • Chris

    Hey Matt,
    Im a pretty active member of CGTalk (Nickname Pyke), and have posted some images there already. Later on when I get closer to the finish, Ill perhaps contact them and try to get a news icon.


  • Matt

    Yeah, I first learned about your game from your signature on CGTalk. I just wondered whether or not you had tried to get a news article. This is really great stuff.