Corridors and Cursors.


Why is it that corridors and Sci Fi go hand in hand? Im going to blame Ridley Scott, but I know that the Sci Fi corridor fetish goes WAY back!

I think that the definitive Sci Fi corridor belongs to ALIENS!


I dont think there is FPS around today that doesnt have an ‘ALIENS’ corridor buried in its DNA. So how can I NOT have awesome corridors in STASIS?

There is still an additional detail pass that has to happen here (extra dirt, some signage, streaks, etc), but everything here is In Game. The best part (hard to appreciate in a still) is the steam being partially sucked into the vents on the right. The fans are also each separate objects, with slightly offset animations-so they have a ‘randomness’ to them.


Ive been getting quite a bit of ‘schtick’ about the ‘pie’ cursor being to big, or unnecessary. But I really like it… I like how all 3 options are on screen at all times. Now with the cursor being context sensitive, the ‘pie’ is no longer needed as you cant manually switch between the 3 options. But again, I have to wonder if the rule of cool trumps this?

Would you guys prefer a more ‘traditional’ cursor? Something that either changes to the ‘magnifying glass/eye’, ‘gripping hand’, and ‘legs’ of Sierra days? Or even something simple like an arrow, with the word ‘SCAN’ ‘INTERACT’ ‘MOVE’ underneath it?

The Original Art Test had a more traditional cursor, with the ‘Instruction’ being read by a separate part of the HUD. Thats essentially where the pie came from. Perhaps going back so something like that, without the extra HUD clutter, would be better?

I like the pie-but Im open to suggestions!


  • Pale Black

    I’d think all those ideas would work, personally I have no problems with the cursor as it is.

  • Nikos Patsiouras

    About the corridors i couldn’t agree more.Every game has them…ok ok nearly.

    About the cursor i like it as it is i don’t think you have to change it.
    But if it’s not too big of a problem you could give both types.We’ve seen it in games before,to have different cursors…..maybe not a hud instead of cursor but if it’s not too big of a deal include them both and give the option to people to change accordingly.they both look amazing either way so i’m sold (although i prefer the original).
    If it’s going to be either this or that you have to weigh your personal artistic opinion versus the peoples opinion(that you can get through a poll maybe).

  • Mike

    I’d love to see some different cursors in the game, I’m not sure what I personally would have designed as a set of cursors, but I feel that a good cursor has a definite “sharp end” with which to poke stuff in the scene!

  • stan

    me too. its hard to decide.

    but i do think the corridor needs more geometry. especially around the floors edges and the grid.

  • ycm

    Imho, the original cursor art ultimately works better. I feel that every aspect of a game should speak out the innermost point of said game, if you know what I mean, and with the cursor now being context sensitive the pie is rendered redundant. It becomes something ‘pasted on’ (pardon the expression) rather than an intrinsic and self justifying aspect of the core game mechanics. It sort of exists in a world of its own there.

    That arrow is also very elegant. I must say.