Blood, Drills and Engines.

Just wanted to give you loyal blog followers some eye candy. 😉


Fun note, check the blood stains on Marachecks CRYO SUIT. Gotta wonder just what he had to do to get that High Speed Neural Drill….

Im playing around with having the suit get dirtier and grimier as you go along in the game. Subtle changes-but I think it will make a difference to the immersion of the player!


A screen showing how you will interact with the various computers in the game. I originally had a hacking device, with a mini game attached to it-but it got tedious fast!


Head on over to and download the Visioniare game engine. Its free to use and learn on, and the guys there are really helpful with any questions you have. STASIS is entirely done using the engine, which is the same engine behind The Whispered World, and the latest A NEW BEGINNING (Man..just looking at that artwork makes me drool!). This is coming off like a paid advert (it isnt… 😀 ), but I cant show my appreciation enough for the guys behind this engine. Without it STASIS would only exist in my mind. 😉


  • Stephen Dalton

    Looks fantastic! Love the idea of the suit getting more worn.

    I put my name down for the mailing list. Can you add me in?

    Just wondering when you plan to have this out for beta testing and the final product?


  • Chris

    Hey Stephen,

    Added you to the mailing list. 😉

    I plan on getting a fully functional BETA out by the end of the December holidays. From there, I can start the heavy BETA testing and refining.


  • Chris <-Is this you? Fantastic photography man!

  • TechnoSpike

    Hey Chris! I’ve added my e-mail to the newsletter too! Since I first saw mention of your game in the AdventureGamers Forum, it keeps looking better and better! Man, that subtle sugestion “Product expired during surgery, but Bone Extraction was successful.” made my skin crawl…

  • Chris

    TechnoSpike…wait till you get to the Skin Harvesting ward… 😉

  • Stephen Dalton

    Unfortunately I’m not that fantastic photographer.

    Glad to hear the beta will be a kind of christmas present though. Love the “wall of nerd” too. I can definately see the inspirations behind the game.

    Keep up the good work.


  • David B

    Stasis Beta for Christmas!??! YES, please!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

  • Michael

    At first I was expecting starship engines, not game engines :P.

    Looking really cool Chris, cant wait to play a beta of this and see how all these tidbits of screenshots and youtube videos work together as a whole!

  • Tom

    Hey Chris,

    I’ve noticed a interesting detail in “computer interaction screen”. There’s an electric shock sign in Polish – “nie dotykac urzadzenie elektryczne”, what’s up with that? ;]


  • Chris

    Thanks guys. 😀 It will be a closed BETA, but the testers know who they are… 😀

    Nothing to sinister! I was searching for a sign that would show the Breaker Box has ‘something’ to do with electricity, and just kinda loved the one I found. The fact that it isnt in english is just kinda cool…gives the station an ‘international’ vibe. Im going to try and incorporate other languages into the signage around aswell…just gotta make sure I get the translations correct!

  • Marcin

    Relase date ?

  • Chris

    Marcin, Em gonna be sticking with ‘2012’. When I have a definite date, I promise you the News Letter Subscribers and Blog readers will know it before anyone else!