Sleep Block…

Sorry for the delays in updates guys. But here is something to tide you over…

Its still work in progress, and needs to be corrected for lightness, and placed in the engine. But look…DEAD PEOPLE!


  • crzikrn

    Dead people!! Totally gruesome. It’s like you’re curious to know what happened… but then you don’t really want to… But wow you can read a lot about what happened just by looking at the scene. Nice work!!

    I wonder what I would’ve done if I was to see that………………. scary……

  • Hendley

    Great work!
    Chris, I started to read your blog just recently and this is the first “new update” for me so I figured out that this the best place to say that what you do is absolutely amazing! Not only you create a game entirely on your own but as Bill Briba said here: “Your blog is something like a big and ongoing tutorial for starters.” It’s just awesome! 🙂

  • Chris

    Thanks guys! More to come!

  • Alberto

    It´s been a LOOOOONG time since i enjoyed adventure games , last i remember , the monkey island and indiana jones games, for unknow reasons i didn´t have interest in others beyond that.

    It seems this is a coming back to the genre.

    Congratulations for your explendid work.