Killer Bits Interview

I did an interview with Killer Bits the other day, and it has gone live on the intertubes.  This was my first ‘spoken’ interview, and I have to say that it was quite a surreal experience. It brought back memories of watching Cybernet as a young’n, and hearing developers and reviewers talk about games.

In the video you can see some cool behind the scenes footage, and some exclusive game play stuff that shows some awesome new areas. I’m particularly proud of the tram section, because…well, it took forever to get it to look right in 25 frames of animation, and it just looks bad ass.

Subscribe to The Killer Bits channel, because they have some really cool stuff there right now, and some awesome stuff coming up. Plus the one reviewer as an epic beard, and as a man that cant grow a beard, I feel that all epic beards deserve respect.


If you have any questions regarding stuff mentioned in the interview, please don’t hesitate to comment below!


  • Frusciante

    Looks amazing! Also, nice interview.

    Obsidian/Inxile should hire you and give you a team to make the 1000 years later rpg.

  • Kostas

    Congrats Chris! All the in-game material looks fantastic…
    As a major adventure gamer I’m desperately waiting for the final release 😀
    Hopefully it’ll be before October 😉
    Wishes for more interviews in the future 😀

  • D.J. Glass

    Awesome interview, totally cool seeing more of the game. I was interested when you mentioned Giger, because I have always noticed his influence in the footage of this game. Maybe not the specific biomechanical form, but definitely in the palettes and tone.

  • Rob

    I’m very pleased you mentioned Event Horizon. It doesn’t get its fair share of credit in the genre. This is the scariest I’ve seen because it’s very psychological compared to Alien for example. Are you planing for some scares?

  • Chris

    There are a few ‘wtf’ moments, but its difficult to create scares in an Isometric game where the entire area is open for you to see-but there are definitely some rather disturbing things that happen.

  • Rob

    Don’t you ever hide what’s on the other side of a door until it’s first opened? *queue scary thing in your face and dramatic piano note* 🙂

  • Chris

    I do have a part where there is something in the cupboard….