STASIS: Infinite

I sometimes take a break from vivisections, rotting corpses, and the cold hard floors of The Groomlake to indulge either my artistic, or game designer side. Here are a few examples of previous side projects I’ve done. My general rule is to not allow them more than 3 days, with the exception of 1KL, which was a 2 week process (but involved actually making a fully playable tech demo…so it was time well spent!).






These side projects are honestly some of my favorite things to do, and things that I think many people really appreciate. It, in a strange way, actually focuses me MORE on STASIS by letting me step back for a few nights and just let my imagination run wild.

Of course, with BIOSHOCK being a massive influence on STASIS, I could not ignore the awesome world that Irrational Games has created with BIOSHOCK: Infinite.

Although I have not played the game (seriously, I’m HORRIBLE at finishing games. I haven’t even gotten to the planet yet in Dead Space 3), I delved into the story by watching Lets Plays, and reading up on all of the theories that went into it. Although, the thing that interested me most was the city of Collumbia! And naturally, it needed some ‘Isometricing’, because all games would look better in 2D Isometric.

So, I present to you: STASIS – INFINITE!

Click to make bigger.

A very special Well Done to Ken Levine, and Irrational. One day I want to grow up to be just like you. 😉


  • Patryk

    AMAZING ;- ) Great stuff bro!

    ps.Regarding Stasis itself – could you give at lease EST of release ? : -)

  • Dchen

    Dude this is awesome. Is this all 3D models or a 2D comp? Looks fantastic.

  • Wow

    Such beauty!

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  • nico

    great job!
    What about Rapture ?

  • Pitta

    Thanks to this Bioshock Infinite reinterpretation (which went viral on twitter) I became aware of Stasis.
    The BI 2D shot is nothing short of amazing, but now that I discovered Stasis I’m hyped to the max.
    My favorite setting done in my favorite perspective in my favorite genre, mentioning my fav games (The Dig come to mind) as reference.
    And, I might add, amazingly done.
    The fact it’s a one man work is mind blowing.

    I really hope the game will be out this year and be as great as it seems.
    I secretly hope it will be out on iPad too as hinted in the interview as a possibility, seems like a perfect fit (and being nothing like this on the platform, I suspect it could gather a huge success too).

    I’m spreading the word everywhere I can as we speak.

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  • Sammy

    Oh man you shouldn’t tease up like that. That stuff is beyond amazing.

    Is there any chance that “1000 Years Later” and the Blade Runner homage might actually become adventure games like STASIS sometime in the future?

  • masta de gumbo

    This engine + RPG = bliss.

  • Jason

    Your Bioshock interpretation kind of reminds me of the renderings from the Commandos series games (which were isometric) >

  • Piper

    Looks awesome! It’s very fascinating that you created each of these in 3 days. But what I and some others would like to know is how? What software did you use to create these in 3 days?


  • Rob

    If you didn’t plan on turning one of these into a real game one day, you could use one in STASIS via a VR machine (a la The Matrix), to give the players the same break the developer needed 🙂

    To have it serve a logical purpose, perhaps John needs some knowledge from a character in the VR world in order to progress. For example, a deceased engineers consciousness which lives on in a virtual universe. Or it could introduce you to a character in a (currently) inaccessible part of the ship who is hooked into the same network.

  • Chris

    At one point there was a part of the game that had you play in Flashbacks, but I altered the story and thus had to drop those areas…but its something I would like to put into the future games.