STASIS General Update

I know I’ve been rather quiet on the blog, and with regards to my emails (sorry if I haven’t replied to you if you’ve emailed me-it is coming!).

I’ve been slaving away at getting a fully playable portion of the game done for testing and display purposes. Who will actually GET to test the game, or WHERE it will be displayed are entirely different things!


I was invited to REZZED, and set a deadline for a playable demo of the game-but due to VISA and financial limitations, I’ve had to skip this year-but I will definitely try for next year-if not to display anything, just to experience it. But I decided to stick with the deadline of a fully playable, very large chunk of the game to be complete by that date.


I’ve also been going through the game, and adding what I’ve come to internally call ‘experiences’. I know…very buzz-wordy. These are small snippets of action elements in the game that are in to break up the slower periods of pure puzzle-solving-exploration-goodness.

Now these aren’t things that require quick reflexes, and sort of ‘run and gun’ elements, and you can literally pass them just by clicking on the correct areas, but I’ve found that they really add a ton to the pacing of the game. To have these small bursts of energy really makes the slower, tenser parts of the game feel much…well, tenser.

They also look pretty bad-ass in action, and while they take a LONG time to set up, for a relatively ‘small’ (in game time) reward, they really do push the game up a level in awesome. I think that these are the parts that you will really remember when thinking about the game after you finish.


I’ve been working hard on the cinematics of the game as well, and using them to join sections of the game in some pretty cool end exciting ways. Its mostly for the ‘travelling’ sections of the game, where I want to add in something different to make you feel like you are really moving large distances. I’ve realised that a 30 second cinematic is as effective in conveying time and distance, as 3 minutes of gameplay dedicated to the same thing.


This weekend, Im going to be doing some Mattes of The Groomlake for the cinematics, inspired by those amazing shots of The Event Horizon as it sinks into Neptune’s gaseous atmosphere. Ill record myself doing them, and if they come out like I’m hoping, Ill put the videos up on YouTube!

Have  great weekend guys!


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Kickstarter revisited…

A while ago I posted my thoughts on this blog about Kickstarter as a funding model for Stasis – you can read it here

I’ve spoken before about how art in a vacuum is a bad thing, and honestly, through Stasis I’ve realised that pretty much anything in a vacuum is bad! Except for the International Space Station…that’s just awesome.

I posted a while back on my views on Kickstarter, and through my conversations that stemmed from that post, I have realised just how wrong I was. I want to offer a personal thanks to the people that disagreed with me – I know that sometimes its easier to just nod  and smile when someone posts something on line – but I have really enjoyed the emails, and even the conversations here, about what I said.

I still feel strongly that crowd sourcing in general can be easily abused by some game studios who are promising the world with a few concept pictures.

BUT I have made a mistake!

I think Stasis is a bit different because It’s a live and kicking game – not a promise of things to come. It’s well on it’s way to being completed, and now I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to add the extra level of polish needed to get Stasis to AAA level. There are elements that require more funds than I currently have access too (like professional voiceover artists, commissioned sound track  etc.) That is not to say that I couldn’t build up the reserves to pay for this myself but I think I can get it done quicker and faster with crowd sourced funds.

After two and a half years of Stasis occupying my every thought and ALL of my free time, I’m almost there and crowd funding may enable me to work on this game full time and get it done in a couple of months While delving into the intimidating crowd funded world, I believe that I would stay true to myself and my initial vision for for Stasis.

Any thoughts on my thoughts?

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Advice: Play your game

This isn’t going to be a major post, but just a small piece of advice to all developers out there. I know it seems simple and obvious, but take time out of development to just play your game.


Set up what you think would be the ideal environment to play the game. If its a PC Game, turn off the lights, put in some headphones, and play it. If you see a bug, don’t mark it down, or make a note of it. Just play through. Enjoy your game-enjoy your work.


Its a very surreal experience to have your game be at a point where you can see what others will get out of it…feel what other people will feel when they first load it up. Of course, its never going to be a pure experience, because all you can see are the flaws-but try to get it as close as possible.


Creating games is such a huge amalgamation of talent and skill-its an art form that involves the technical and the artistic coming together in a way that no other product does. And if you are involved in it, its something to be proud of .


Be proud of it.



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Screenshots : Engineering Deck

Hey my loyal cryogenically frozen fans!

I know I’ve been quiet lately, but rest assured I have been toiling away below decks. I recently finished a large chapter in the game, so wanted to show off an area (or 2).  The still screenshots don’t do these scenes justice…the shadows move as the lights swing, particles float through the air, and the sounds of the empty bowels of the ship echo through the engineering decks.

Its pretty darned cool!


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