With just 10 days to go and just over $19 000 left to raise, we are getting close to the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

We need all the support we can possibly get for STASIS. How do I help, you ask?

Here are 10 things that you can do to help STASIS




I have had the pleasure of being involved in some wonderful interviews recently and thought you guys would appreciate some of the answers to the questions. When they are up, I will post links to the completed interviews either on the Stasis Facebook Page, on our Press page or on my Twitter Account.  


Here are few of my favorite questions and answers: 

Question: You mention a bevy of LucasArts games as inspiration. Why did you choose an isometric viewpoint instead of the traditional 2D views found in old-school PnC games?

Chris: It just seemed natural to me as an artist. Adventure games are all about exploration and I feel the isometric angle excels at that. Isometric art is one of the reasons I became an artist. The worlds of Fallout, Crusader and the older Black Isle CRPGs made me want to be a part of this industry and create pieces of art like that myself.

Question: You say you’ve been working on the game for over 3 years. How did the project begin? ie: when did you realize that you had a game concept/narrative on your hands? 

Chris: STASIS was an accident! It started off as a small artistic project to explore the interior of an abandoned space ship which slowly grew and evolved into its current form. In December 2010, when I had some spare time over the holidays, I did tests with the current scenes I’d created and realized that many of the assets worked very well in an isometric view. They were extremely highly detailed. And they looked cool!

The desire to tell a character driven story, instead of just focusing on the environments, took over and I started to look into technically achieving it. I downloaded several engines and, once I made the choice of which one to go for, I created the first level in a weekend. A weekend with not much sleep!

From there, the game really naturally progressed. STASIS changed form as I got more comfortable with the tools or realized my artistic limitations. The core essence of exploring a haunting Science Fiction world was there from the start and was there before STASIS was even a game!

Question: What’s it been like receiving all the international praise and coverage? Has this been reassuring or has it created a sense of intimidation knowing A LOT of people are watching?

Chris: It’s been a relief. STASIS was developed in a vacuum, without knowing if people were going to actually enjoy the game or not. I knew that it was something that I, personally, found exciting – but being heavily involved in every aspect of STASIS, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Knowing that there people out there, enjoying the game is immensely satisfying. It means that all of the decisions that I’ve made (most of them more than two years ago) have paid off and that the foundation that STASIS has been built on is solid.




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Stretch Goals Added

Hi Guys,

I’ve thought long and hard about these goals, especially since the total pledge has reached an awesome $62,000 in only a week and a half!

SUICIDE – $ 105,000

John will be able to pick up key items planted around the Groomlake, like the Neurodrill, and use it on himself. Because… why the hell not?!

MARK MORGAN- $ 120,000

At this stretch goal, we will be able to commission composer, Mark Morgan for additional music. Which means an extended soundtrack for you.

CAYNE CHAPTER- $ 140,000

An additional chapter of Stasis – around the Cayne Corporation – that weaves the ‘world lore’ into the game. This will span one chapter of the game (aiming at about 2 hours of gameplay).



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Latest Stasis Update Monday November 11th



We hope you’re having an awesome day because, thanks to you, in only a week we have surpassed 50% of our funding goal!



The unbelievably talented composer of FALLOUT 1, FALLOUT 2, FALLOUT 3: New Vegas and Planescape Torment joins STASIS.

Fallout… I still remember the very first time the vault doors closed behind me. A rat ran across my path, I pulled out my pistol and watched with glee as my bullets ripped through its ribcage.

Fallout was a seminal gaming experience for me and made me instantly fall in love with the Role Playing genre. But, in all honesty, what really shaped the Fallout world for me was the music. The sounds of the wasteland will always stir a very special feeling inside me. You could hear the wind of the desert blowing through each note. Each town had a unique sound and as I listen to the soundtrack now, I can feel the emotions I felt when I first explored the California wastes.

With that still in mind, I am extremely proud to announce that STASIS will be scored by composer, Mark Morgan; whose unknowing influence on my game was evident from the first time I sat down to create this world.

Mark Morgan has musically illustrated so many of the worlds that I have been lost in: Zork Nemesis, Zork Grand Inquisitor, Planescape Torment, Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas (to name but a few). Now with future work to look forward to – the soundtracks of Wasteland 2, Project Eternity and Torment: Tides Of Numenera.

Mark Morgan says, “At my first glimpse of STASIS, I was completely blown away by its Deep Beauty. This is destined to be EPIC!”



If you would like to participate in the final Beta of STASIS, now you can!
At our limited $59 tier, you will be able to play the final Beta of STASIS, at least a month before the full release.

All tiers above $59 will automatically be entered into the Beta. You will also be listed as a Beta Tester on the website and in the STASIS game credits.

This is a LIMITED Kickstarter Exclusive Offer and will not be repeated after the Kickstarter Campaign, so if you want Beta access, please pledge now.



One of the most requested Stretch Goals has been Mac support.

We know that other Kickstarter campaigns have added this as their Stretch Goal, and we definitely want as many players as possible to experience what’s lurking in the bowels of the Groomlake. Therefore, we aren’t adding Mac support as a Stretch Goal – we are committing to bring Mac gamers the world of STASIS as soon as we are fully funded.

You can head over to right now and try out the OSX Alpha demo immediately!



Finally, I want to say thank you for backing STASIS. Keep the adventure alive.

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I have made a collection of all the current “Let’s Play”s on YouTube.

If you have a LET’S PLAY, please send it my way and I’ll add it to the list below.

ANIMATED GIFs BY Messofanego

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The Alpha Dragon: Stasis




1001UpTeam – Play-Up: Stasis

agentc0re –

Stasis Gameplay – Part 1


Stasis gameplay en español

Foster Plays: Stasis – Alpha (Indie Horror)








Unit Lost – Great British Gaming


Richard Sharpe


Marshall Dyer


Game Loading


Comrade Bluto – Stasis Kickstarter Alpha Demo

Probando: Stasis (Alpha)


Freshe Indies! Stasis [Point and Click Adventure]







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As I started drafting this all important post, I see some of you are already waiting on Twitter for the launch. Well, that has my stomach in knots!

I’m happy to annouce though, that Stasis is now on Greenlight (LINK THROUGH HERE) and that our Kickstarter campaign has launched (LINK THROUGH HERE).

Here is to the next 33 day rollercoaster.

Thanks for all your support and feedback from the alpha!



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22 Hours left + Get the Alpha now!


22 hours and 15 minutes until we launch our fundraising campaign.

You can now download the Alpha of Stasis here (no password needed):


We have got some awesome reviews so far, so what are you waiting for? Get it now!


“I have now finished Stasis Game demo. What a truly amazing experience. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!”

“SO impressed with the Stasis Game demo. The intro scene was jaw dropping. The game is looking great; nostalgic and fresh at once.”

“Playing the Stasis Game demo and I think have fallin in love. This is sci fi epicness. The atmosphere is fantastic!”

And an absolute gem from Brian Fargo of Wasteland 2 fame:
“Excellent work! Stasis sets a thick mood and reminds me of a Ridley Scott Film.”

See you soon on Kickstarter and Greenlight!



Be sure to tweet Chris on @StasisGame


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